Enquiry Management This application is boon for people finding difficulties in managing

Enquires are the source of Growing business in any areas of life. Be it a small business or a Big enterprise, effective handling of the generated enquires leads to new business and New sales. Our Research shows that there is a huge market / need for such application which can manage the business enquires and handle them effectively. Companies are making huge losses as their enquires go unattended or not properly responded. Our IEM takes care of the complete requirement and provides

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  Feature Downloads
10 Years Support
5 Years Updation
24 Hours Dedicated Support
Easy Customization.
PHP 4 or above
MySQL 4.1 or above
Linux hosting with GD Library
Url rewriting allowed

Our IEM takes care of the complete requirement and provides Total solution for such need from any quarter of business segment.

The specifications are as under:

The enquiry management system is a web based application using latest PHP technologies and MYSQL database.

Basic Version : HTML,CSS
Launch Website
  SQL Version : SQL, ASP, HTML, Script, CSS,
Launch Website
Professional Version :ASP, MSSQL, HTML, CSS, Ajax, Java Script
Launch Website
  Professional Version :ASP, MSSQL, HTML, CSS, Ajax, Java Script
Launch Website
PHP 4 or above
5 years free and quick support
10 years Support
Product Registration
Creates a database of all the
products or services being
offered within the company.
Enquiry Registration
Records all the enquiries that
can come from various sources
like email, website, telephone.
The most important step of any
enquiry management system
is to follow-up, which avoids
the enquiry
The business is always better
when being tracked and
monitored on regular basis
by pulling the reports.
EMS is not a readymade software
but a solution to overcome the
The customised software is
developed with immense
research and analysis in finding
the best solution with the given
Versions Management
We did not want to restrict the
client’s usability and so are
offering both PC-Based and
Support Management
We believe software support is
essential in developing our
client’s business and see
them succeed
Role Management
Different level access for
employees, Administrator,
Director of the company.
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