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Windows Hosting lets a company or an organization to design its web sites using the Windows Operating System. Windows has been a very popular Operating System. Owned by Microsoft, this Operating system has become a favourite all across the World and it keeps coming out with its new better versions.

The Windows Vista, was the latest version to be released by Windows. Web Hosting allows the development using technologies such as Active Server Pages (ASP), COM. The newer .Net is also creating waves and is prefers Windows Operating System over the other operating systems like Unix or Linux.

A Windows host allows a Web page to use Microsoft tools such as ASP, ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL. There are numerous sites and companies that offer free or really cheap Web Hosing online. Web Hosting helps a company to reach out to a Global Audience for their services or products.

Windows has been the preferred Operating System World wide. This is primarily due to the features it provides. The Windows OS comes with Microsoft products such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and soft wares like Windows Media Player which may not be present in other Operating Systems.

Windows Web Hosting provides numerous methods of scripting such as ASP(Active Server Page). It is basically a HTML page that has scripts that gets processed on the Microsoft Server before it is sent away to the User. Apart from ASP, ASP.Net is also often employed. It is also referred to as ASP+ that is it stands for the next generation of Active Service(ASP), which is a form of Internet Information Server(IIS). ASP.NET offers a few advantages, it supports code written in compiled languages such as Visual Basic, C++ and Perl and it also features server controls that can separate the code from the content.

The database server employed by Windows is the SQL Server. The SQL server was made by Microsoft and it offers a very high speed and works better when used on Windows Operating System. These databases (with the exception of Microsoft Access) are all similar in nature, and allow highly optimized communication with your website for quick data transfer. Microsoft Access databases are actually just database files created with Microsoft Access that the web server can read and write to. But the Access databases don't offer the processing power that the other databases may do.

Windows hosting is of great use especially when the Microsoft products or technologires are desired. For example if you want to use the Windows Media Player or the Microsoft Outlook, then you have to make use of Windows Web Hosting. Other Operating systems like Unix and Linux can not be used here. Windows databases, such as Microsoft Access and SQL Server can be easily found in Windows Web Hosting. Windows hosting is also required if you wish to use any components (CGI, ISAPI, or COM) that were developed using a Windows-based programming language. Thus Windows Web Hosting is increasingly being used for hosting web sites all across the Globe.

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